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General Support Services

The general support services are 24SEA’s remote SHM system operations and maintenance (O&M) activities. The objective of this service level is to ensure that continuous high quality data is generated by the SHM system and is subsequently successfully transferred and stored on both the Employer’s data server and at a remote backup server.

In order to achieve this target, distinction is made between following services:

  • Full remote data backup of raw data: provide a backup of all collected data at 24SEA’s servers

  • 24SEA Control Room keeping an eye on the SHM system monitoring ensuring

    • Early detection of of data transfer failures and system/sensor failures (malfunctions or defects)

    • Collection of raw monitoring data

    • Continuous data transfer

  • 24SEA Customer service and Service desk: service desk destined for handling all relevant communication with the Employer

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