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Basic monitoring

Our basic monitoring setup consists out of accelerometers, inclinometers, strain gauges and thermocouples. 

24SEA proposes to design and implement this basic SHM system in order to:

  • Allow the in-situ natural frequencies, damping values and mode-shapes of monitored locations to be monitored through life and make a comparison with design values.

  • Allow a detailed comparison to be made of the in-site monitored extreme and fatigue loading against the original design loading.

  • Allow the identification of significant developing issues affecting the foundation through monitoring of key indicators such as natural frequency, inclination etc. Likely issues include excessive scour, icing, deviating operational conditions.

  • Allow to monitor faults such as e.g. rotor imbalance issues through life and its effect on interface loads

  • Allow to monitor any permanent inclinations occurring in the foundation through life.

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